Liberty Moves are at your service in Panama City! We are a licensed moving company who will be at your service from the time you say go! All our services are insured, and our history in the moving field reflects a trusted and professional service indeed. We love being the reason for our clients stress-free moving process! All of our employees are experienced, they undergo a thorough background check, and they receive extensive training. We can guarantee that all our movers are trustworthy and highly skilled for all your moving needs.

From lifting heavy appliances to securely packing your fragile belongings, our team can handle all the big details as well as the minor ones. Best of all, you do not have to search any further to know what such a service will cost you as we can provide you with a FREE estimate right away. We don’t have any hidden fees and are always upfront with our clients. So don’t hesitate and find out right away how we can make the moving process more comfortable for you!

Do you live in an apartment?

Moving can be even a bigger hassle if you live in an apartment building, with many flights of stairs, small elevators, narrow corridors and neighbors who do not like to be bothered. But with our moving team, you do not need to worry about any moving obstacles that might be in the way. Liberty Moves has dealt with various of moving situation before, and by now it is all second nature to us. We take care that your belongings are carefully handled while transferring them from the apartment building without any delays, as this is what we are trained to do. The only thing you need to worry about is saying goodbye to your neighbors and settling into your new home. Whether you are moving locally or planning to go out of state, we can take care of it all at a decent price.

What are good tips for finding a moving contractor?

Moving is not something the average person does on a regular basis. Therefore it is normal not knowing what to look for when hiring a mover. As professionals in this industry with years of experience, we are glad to give some advice to help make your search easier.

The best way to know if the potential movers are the right company for the job is to a look at their reviews over the course of the company lifetime. Most well-established moving firms will offer free quotes which will make it easier for you to compare the pros and the cons. Do not sign a contract on the spot! You have every right to look further into it and ask about the things you do not understand. A meeting held at their offices will give you a greater understanding of what is the process involved. Do not pay more than half of the total amount upfront. If everything of the above checks out, then you probably have the right movers for your needs. It’s important to keep in mind that teamwork and mutual respect will go along way and will add on to a successful moving experience.

Do you need a Commercial moving service?

Besides from residential moving, we also offer a commercial moving service. Similarly like the residential service, we are equipt and experienced in moving your business to another location. It does not matter if your business is in a building, whether it is big or small, we can handle it all. Because we are a business ourself, we understand that time means money, which means we will not waste your time. You can expect the commercial moving service from Liberty Moves to be professional, quick and safe.

Who is our top priority?

We want to keep all our clients happy with the service that we provide for them! Moving all your belongings by yourself is too stressful and time-consuming. By leaving us in charge of the moving process, you can expect excellent service at an affordable price, which will undoubtedly keep you satisfied.

What to expect in Panama City?

Almost surrounded by water, Panama City, FL is situated in the Panhandle, it offers travelers and visitors a wealth of things to experience and see. bThanks to its location it is a year-round popular destination for families who seek sightseeing opportunities. But in all honesty, the primary reason tourists and people from neighboring towns and cities come here is the 20 mile stretch of beach with its calm, azure water and clean, white sand.

On a sunny day, anyone who enjoys the sun populates the long, narrow coastline. Also, high-rise hotels and condo buildings give the beach an impressive look. People may enjoy diving, snorkeling and even deep-sea fishing which attracts avid water enthusiasts. Of course, if you are a fan of the mainland, you can test your golf skills on local courses. Panama City isn’t just known for its beach and physical activities, anyone who is looking for something more „traditional“ can take a tour around the historic St. Andrews district and Harrison Avenue. The shops, restaurants, and galleries of both are abuzz with activity throughout the day.

Liberty Move in Florida is your ticket to a fully licensed and insured moving company in Panama City. From the time you hire us, you will be worry-free. Our team of experienced movers has a clear background and are skilled in what they do.

We see ourselves as the best moving company in Florida, and if you wish to hire the best, then you are just one phone call away. Liberty Moves in Florida will take care that all your belongings are moved safely, just like it is our own. Let us handle all the heaving lifting while you settle in, start your journey by taking the first step calling our offices at (850) 374-6375  in Panama City, Florida!



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